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Agriculture and Borewell

AQUAFIT - Agriculture Pressure Pipes & Fittings

Aquafit UPVC Pipes are manufactured in accordance with IS:4985 covering a complete range from 20 mm to 400 mm. They are available in pressure rating 2.5 Kg/cm2, 4 Kg/cm2, 6 Kg/cm2, 8 Kg/cm2, 10 Kg/cm2, 12.5 Kg/cm2 & 16 Kg/cm2 as defined in IS:4985. The pipes are provided with plain socket and suitable for solvent cement jointing. Their main application is in agriculture for water supply, drip irrigation & sprinkler lines etc. as well as for drinking water distribution. However, these can also be used in cable ducting, ventilation pipe lines & slurry lines etc. They are available in light grey colour and nominal length of 6 mtrs.

 Pipes: 20 to 400 mm
 Fittings: 20 to 250 mm


SAFEFIT - Borewell Systems

Designed to be used in borewell applications, these piping systems are made from a high-quality PVC compound that ensures they have high tensile strength, can withstand high impact and have minimum water friction. What makes them even more unique is the CIRCLIP locking system designed specially to withstand pressure during underground water extraction.

 Screen Pipes: 40 to 400 mm (1½” to 16”)
 Casing Pipes: 40 to 300 mm (1½” to 12”)
 Rising Main Pipes: 25 to 100 mm (1” to 4”)
 Bell Form Pipes - V4: 25 & 32 mm (1” & 1¼”)